Monday, July 27, 2009

My Poor Neglected Blog

I really should rename this blog to the title of this post. Once again a lot has happened but most recently I had surgery for a total hysterectomy with a free tummy tuck. I just had it done last Wednesday so I still slow going. This is a much bigger scar than with a C-Section that's for sure! I have stopped taking the narcotics because I just don't feel good on them. I have switched to a couple Tylenol every few hours instead. So far so good. It's a little harder to move around but it feels better. I am stil quite sleepy throughout the day. I am off work (again) until mid September with this surgery.

Kirsten is here for her summer visit. She arrived July 1st and leaves on August 11th. It is so good to see her. She is so beautiful. :) She spends most of her time on the computer. Luckily I have borrowed a laptop for my stay home! The boys love having her home just as we do.

Sean will be here a week after Kirsten goes home. I tried to have their visits overlap but Sean is not done with school until the week Kirsten goes back. My Dad will be here next week for a few days for a visit. He is in for the heat of Fresno!!

The boys are doing good and growing so fast. Ben has a Cardiology appt next month but is doing great right now. Nate is still working two jobs and can't wait to wean down to one. Maybe after the holidays...