Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy Bday Rahmi!

Wow our friend's son is already four years old!
Today we celebrated at Blackbeard's for his party. It's always a fun time. Gabriel loves going on the rides and one day Ben will too. Gabriel was disappointed that he couldn't go on the roller coaster again this year. Two more inches to go!
Happy Birthday Rahmi!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas 2008

How quickly it came and went! The boys got way too much stuff as expected. :)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Five More Days

Wow I can't believe how quick Christmas got here! All of our shopping is done. We are not getting too many gifts for everyone this year adult wise. I mailed off Sean and Kirsten's presents yesterday and they should get them by Wednesday. Just in time. Shew!
I'm going to try to start wrapping presents today. The boys' at least. I am still waiting on the calendars to come in for the Grandparents. Christmas Eve we are going to Amber's since she works all day on Chrsitmas. Peg works until the evening of the Eve. We will be staying at home that night to sleep. I can't wait to see Gabriel's face after Santa comes!
Daycare had their Christmas party yesterday and I hope Angela posts some pics. She had Santa there. Last week she had to Zoomobile come and Gabriel pet a snake and got to see a hedgehog, parrot, ferret, tarantula, centipede and some bones and antlers.
Now daycare is on vacation so Mom will be helping with the boys for a few days. I only work two days next week and three the week after. Woohoo!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Baby it's Cold Outside

Well, for Fresno that is! We are in for some rain the next couple of days and the snow level is supposed to be 1500 feet or below and lows of 30 degrees on Monday. Now I know there are other parts of the country that would laugh at that but for us it's cold! At least it makes it seem like Christmas is coming.
I received my Walmart giftcards from work the other night at the company holiday party and yesterday bought Gabriel's/Ben's gifts. We are very tight on money. More so than expected. Nate and I are not getting each other anything at all this year and everyone else is getting a small gift or just a calendar of pictures of our family. I think I'll pull off some tins of treats since I am taking off Christmas Eve now. Daycare is closed that day (for two weeks actually) so I'll see what I can accomplish home with the boys!
I have a few items to send up to Sean and Kirsten and I wish we had more. I hope they understand. I'm sure they will get good gifts up there. I sure miss them and can't believe we won't be seeing them at all for the Holidays.
We had our work party the other night and once again I pick one of, if not THE crappiest white elephant gift. I got big undies and a santa hat. I give up. Maybe I won't even bring a gift next year. The meal was great and I think it was a hit. The raffle always is. I didn't win anything this year. Last year I did. They played a great slideshow of Jeff's life in pictures. Made me cry. I miss him.
Nate was in school this week with the Electrician's program and finished his first semester with a 93%!! Yay! Second highest in the class. Now he starts homework for the next semester. It never ends for five years. He doesn't get paid while at school so that is another contributing factor to the low Xmas funds. If he didn't have the other job at Whole Foods he would be able to get unemployment. They didn't even schedule him at the store at all during the week. Ugh. On the plus side it's nice to have him home! :)
I feel proud today because I helped It's My Heart connect with a woman in Columbus Ohio and she is starting a chapter there! I met her online and asked if she would be interested and today Corrie announced it's official!
Peg starts a new position at Children's hospital next month as a case manager and she will be sharing an office with Tim, the Social Worker for the Cardiology department!! How greatis that? He is who we give all of the comfort bags and care packages to.
We started selling coupon books and they are wonderful. Great deals and our chapter keeps 40% of the sales. We also finally received the SaveMart SHARES cards and I have handed out 70 of them already! Everytime you shop and swipe the card our chapter gets 3% of the sale. It's an ongoing fundraiser and I have already ordered 200 more cards. I didn't expect to hand out so many so soon!!
Earlier this month we walked Christmas Tree Lane as we do every year now and Gabriel just loved it. Gpa Gabe even went and took the scooter. He was so tickled that Gabriel held his hand while walking. We have since driven it too. Gabriel just loves lights. In fact tonight on our way home from visiting Gpa we drove around looking at houses for nearly an hour.
I hope everyone i having a safe month and plans for a relaxing holiday. Until next time...

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Another turkey has come and gone. It's a very tiring day but all worth it off course! I made dinner for us and the Richards and we have lots of leftovers which is just how we like it. :) I should have taken a picture of all the food. I actually made less than last year surprisingly. Here was the menu:

Parmesan crusted creamed corn
Praline sweet potatoes
Creamy mashed potatoes
Bacon, apple and carmelized onion stuffing
Spiral Ham
Rosemary garlic turkey
Deviled eggs
Assorted cheese

Mmmm. I was thinking about it at this time yesterday morning and couldn't wait to have leftovers!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

CHD Lobby Day

I hope to be able to go to the CHD Lobby Day in Washington D.C. February 10, 2009 with other fellow CHD families and It's My Heart!! I have been told there is an airline that is offering free tickets. I am hoping to learn more about that tomorrow. :)

We had a great time in Texas for the IMH retreat. It was really tiring though I must say! I can't wait for next year's retreat. Although I only had just met other chapter officers I left feeling as though I had known them forever. I also got to know a Rock Wall pretty well too. I still have the bruises to prove it!! Ouch!!

We are working on some exciting fundraisers for next year and I know that IMH Fresno will be a success before long and helping to support so many families and advocate for CHD.

The boys are doing well. Fighting a cold but nothing too major. Ben's poor little head is so bruised because when he wants something (us) and we don't immediately respond, and I mean immediatel, he bangs his head on the floor. Repeatedly. It's crazy. Sometimes he'll hit a toy, a baseboard, an name it!
See what happens when they get mobile?

Sean and Kirsten are doing well. I message Kirsten a couple times a week. I try not to do it too often since it's probably not that cool to IM your Mom all the time. Haha. Sean is hard to catch online and his phone is ALWAYS turned off. I usually have to ask Kirsten how he is!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

We'll Miss you Gma

Gma Jean passed away this morning peacefully. She was 79 years old. We love you Gma.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Gma Jean

Gma Jean had a stroke on Halloween night and it has been an emotional few weeks. She is currently in a Hospice home on DNR. The past day she has not awakened at all. Last Saturday the doctor gave her 1-2 weeks to live. I don't think it will be much longer honestly. It is breaking Gpa's heart naturally. They love each other so much. This has put a strain on his and Tina/Glen's relationship as well as my Mom and Tina/Glen. I know this is not what anybody wants especially Gma.
Gma has lived a great life and I love her deeply. Nate and I took the boys a few days ago to see her. She wasn't too responsive that day but did open her eyes at times. She didn't speak at all. I know she knew the boys were there. :)

Friday, October 24, 2008

So Much Has Happened

Kirsten left on October 13th for her Dad's. It was so hard to see her go. We did enjoy a meal and some laughs before she had to board the plane though. I miss her. I miss Sean. Man they sure grew up fast.

Last weekend It's My Heart had a booth at the ZooBoo Friday and Saturday night. It was neat to see all the dressed up kids. The second night was much busier than the first night. Gabriel came out for a couple of hours and loved it! He has trick-or-treating down pat. Well, he doesn't say trick-or-treat but he always says thank you! He was dressed up as Frankenstein. So cute! Ben stayed at Mom's both nights and I'm sure got spoiled. :)

This week I wasn't feeling all that great for a couple of days including a headache last night and today. Feeling like I'm coming around though. Just sleepy.
Tomorrow I am throwing a fresnomommies Halloween party at Mom's clubhouse. It should be a big turnout! around 75 people is expected! Thank goodness it's a potluck. My friend Lisa and a co-worker and fellow Halloween finatic, Ricky, from work will both be helping decorate in the morning. The party is from 4-6pm. Gabriel is going to be Buzz Lightyear and Ben will be a dinosaur I think. (he has 3 outfits to choose from)

Sunday we go to Church in the morning and then the boys will go to Gma Peg's afterwards and nap. I will be going home and gathering some decorations and heading back to Church to help with the Harvest Festival. Lisa and I will be decorating the van with the theme "Spider's Lair". Gma Peg will bring the boys in the evening to the festival. They will be Frankenstein and Dracula. Too cute! I will wear a black gown and have spiders all over me I think. I'm also supposed to bring a cake for the cake walk. I haven't figured out when I'm going to get that made yet. Maybe Saturday night I'll bake it and Sunday morning I'll decorate it.
Busy Busy!

Ben had his Cardiologist appointment this past Tuesday and all is going good and he doesn't have to go back until he's 18 months old! Yay!!

Nate is doing good. He was kinda bored at work this week. He had to cover at the shop for a guy that went on vacation so he wasn't outside working. He was inside cleaning and organizing a warehouse! Now he has the boss there and the foreman at the job site fighting to each keep him!! Nate does great work and is so productive. He is doing so well. He is going to work at Whole Foods longer than we had hoped now though. At least through June. He was going to quit after Christmas but we will need the money since I need to send money up to Washington for Kirsten. And can you believe after 9 years our Landlord called yesterday and is going to raise the rent $125 per month starting in December?!?! Crazy timing. This house is still a steal though and we have no plans on leaving. Our Landlord was afraid we would move out but was happy to hear "no way!!"

And don't forget on October 28th Sean Jr turns 19 years old and on November 5th Kirsten turns 17 years old!! Crazy!!
Happy Birthday kids~ I love you

Friday, October 3, 2008

A lot will change

Kirsten has decided to move up to her dad's and will be leaving this month. No set date yet but it will be soon. She has already been pulled out of school here. I am sad but if it is going to make her happy then I will accept it. Right now though I am sad. When Sean left I was sad too but he is 18 and it's easier to accept. She's still 16 and I'm not done raising her yet! I will look forward to phone calls, emails and IM's.

Sean and I IM'd for an hour a week ago. It was nice. I enjoyed "talking" with him. He is maturing so much now. The past year he has changed really. Around Thanksgiving he is supposed to take the GED and in January start Junior College! He has decided that he wants to get into gaming and help create games. A friend of his Dad and Lori's is a game developer and has said that if he takes the related classes that he will get him in the door!!

Ben is now 7 months old and I just got his pictures done last week. We took quite a few poses with out a shirt to show off his scar! They are really cute.
Gabriel is learning so much at daycare and he loves going. Here is a link to the Learning Center's web site:
Angela posts a lot of pictures. Today they made their own pizzas and Gabriel was friend of the week so he got to share his favorite book, movie, music, toy and snack. He brought a Baby Einstein book, Toy Story 2, "Rocketship Run" CD, his Little Einstein's rocket ship, and for snack, grapes, cantelope and graham crackers. Yummy!

Nate is in Electrician school this week and actually just finished today. The other day he was proud since he scored the highest grades on the tests that they took not to mention he was the only one that completed all of his homework! He is doing great!

I am loving being back at work and have started planning for the company holiday party. I have a lot of HR things to take care of and I am nearly complete making a new handbook. We really need it!

And....halloween is coming!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Our Visitor!!!

Sean came home to visit! He got here Sunday evening and will be here until Wednesday afternoon. He has requested his favorite meal for dinner so we bought everything to make it tomorrow: meatloaf, parmesan pasta, garlic bread and Gma's salad. Mmmm yum.
He's just hanging out since everybody works or goes to school. Gabe and Ben are sick so I am staying home with them tomorrow so inbetween the snot wiping and hacking (poor little guys) Sean and I can hang out together. He is doing good and likes it up in Washington. He's gained a little weight too!!! It's good to see him!
I managed to get a pic of him and Ben together tonight. You know how Sean hates pictures...

Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Bday and the Fever

My birthday was a quiet one which is really what I wanted. I worked that day but Gabriel was running a fever so he stayed at Gma Peg's house while Ben went to daycare. The boys stayed until Nate picked them up around 5:00pm. Peg came to my work and brought me flowers, a card and a monetary gift! Lisa at work got me a card and this drink mix just because she knew that I would love the bottle. It has a skull and crossbones on the back and "blood" dripping from the cap. The liquid is red and I proudly have it on my desk along with the flowers. :)
When I got home Kirsten had made me caramel walnut brownies and my Mom brought over an ice cream cake! The picture above is Kirsten's "Top Chef" presentation of the brownie. What a great job! She also got me a Fresno State Bulldogs Tshirt. Mom and Gma and Gpa gave me money too. I'm up to 37 dollars from Gma and Gpa! lol
Nate also told me that I get to spend some money for Halloween stuff. My favorite thing to get for my bday!! He also bought us Speedy Zapatos. Mmmmm...
I rented some movies and watched Baby Mama that night before retiring to bed. It was a good bday!
Sadly though we are ALL sick in the house now...

Monday, September 8, 2008

To Be Young Again

I'm going to be 37 tomorrow. What in the world? Mentally I'm 16 but physically I'm 60 years old or more...
Birthdays are more fun when it's someone else's!

It has been awhile seen my last post. I am back to work and Carol the office manager had her last day this past Friday. Happy retirement to her! It feels good to be back and have a desk too! I was floating for awhile and sort of took over Dean's desk. It's hard to get my brain working with numbers again after so long away. :)

Ben is 17 pounds now and eating constantly. He might have a tapeworm...just kidding.
Gabriel is sick again and Kirsten is happy to get some internet time.

My friend Lisa and I started going to church! Yes me! And I am willingly going. And so far I really like it!! Crazy I know. I look forward to each service. We took our kids this past weekend and they had a blast playing with the other kids. Clovis Hills church is very modern and laid back which is why I think it fits for us. You can dress casual and drink your coffee during service. The Pastor has a wonderful way of explaining things so everyone understands. I am not familiar with the bible or how to read and understand it at all so he makes it fun. Hey, they have a rockin' band too! We are going to try to attend a bible study too. I can't believe how much I am into it. It is truly amazing.

I've posted some recent pics of the family and one of the yard sale to raise money for IMH Fresno. We'll be having another one sometime this month after it cools down. We have a ton of stuff leftover and this past Saturday we raised over $300!!

OOOhh...Halloween is getting closer!!! I am throwing a kids party through a group I'm in called on Oct 25th. It should be a blast! Of course I can't bring 75% of my stuff since it would scare them but it will still be a great time. ;)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Good Day and Sad

Well it was back to work today! I am really happy to be back. I wasn't sure how I would feel but it is nice to be back. Oddly it almost feels like I never left. I mean it does but doesn't you know? It will take a bit to get back into the groove and to learn the changes that have been made over the past SEVERAL months but I look forward to it.

Sadly though my return also was right after the death of the company's owner Jeff Dockstader. He was and is such a wonderful man, father and friend. I truly will miss him always. It doesn't seem real that he is gone. It was very hard for his family today. Jeff was an amazing person. So many people loved and respected him. This Friday the shop will be closed and we will be attending his funeral that morning.

It does warm my heart to know that he now has been reunited with his mother and long lost love. His first wife passed away about 17 years ago after a horrible car accident the family was involved in. Please don't get me wrong. It saddens me that his wife here on Earth has lost her love and he has lost her but I can only imagine how joyous it must be for him up in heaven right now. Jeff led a marvelous life and has raised eight beautiful children.

I will remember his unique laugh, his lack of remembering people's names (haha), his compassion, his thoughtfulness, his generosity. He always said hello to you and asked how your family was doing. And he meant it.

I remember before I came to work for Fresno Body Works when I worked at Fresno Dodge/Lexus Jeff would bring popsicles on hot days, donuts on the days we all seemed to need one (or not!), and apples in the fall. This is what he did. Up until his passing. He always maintained wonderful relationships with businesses and tried to always see that every customer received the best service and treatment at his shops. Something that his family will continue on in his honor. And those of us that feel like family.

I only wish I had seen him more recently than a few months ago. I had visited the shops a few times but never ran into him. The last time I saw him was the night before our Ben's open heart surgery. He and his son Dean came to our home and gave a Holy Blessing. It was so thoughtful and so heartwarming that they took time out of their busy lives to do that. The night will forever remain special to me not only because of the emotional times with Ben and the comfort of the blessing but also because that was the last time I saw Jeff. What a wonderful way to remember him.

Jeff passed away this past Friday night driving home. He suffered a heart attack just down the street from his home. No one else was injured. Please say a prayer for him and his family.

Truly a remarkable man.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Time is Running Out

Wow. You would think that after being off of work since early December that I would want to go back?!
Don't get me wrong. I love the job and the family I work for and the people I work with. I just don't want to go back! I love being home with the kids. I do enjoy away time and I know I will get back into the routine of working but looking ahead to next week I just want to cry!
Next week!
This Monday!
It sure doesn't feel like I have been gone this long. It's not like all this time off was fun and games. Haha. I keep waiting to find a solution to stay home. Maybe I should have been playing the lotto all this time...

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Busy times

Gabriel started the new daycare this week and so far he is loving it! In fact yesterday Nate and I went to pick him up and it took at least 20 minutes for us to leave and even then he cried in protest. And he even knew we were going to see Gma! And he LOVES to go there. He has been learning the letter "h" this week and is trying to use the potty everyday. No success yet but he's going through the motions.

Ben has started to eat baby food now. As if he's been doing it all of his life already! He ate almost an entire jar of carrots and apples yesterday. He probably could have but we had already used a little bit the day before. And this was all in one meal! Yikes!

Kirsten will be coming home next week on Thursday after her trip up to her Dad's house. She and Sean called me the other day. What a surprise! I was so happy to hear from them. They are having a great time and when they called they were on their way home from an overnight stay on an island. She has pictures on her Myspace I noticed last night.

Nate is trucking away at work in the hot Fresno sun and working four days a week at Whole Foods at night right now. Plus he is studying and doing homework prepping for his schooling coming up next month. He's still loving the Electrician's job so that's great. His neck and face are very tan from being outside so much. I think they pay you so well after five years because by that time you have skin cancer...

I spent yesterday plugging away doing stuff for It's My Heart around town and made a side trip to see my old OB/GYN doctor, Dr. Boehm, since he is retiring after this Thursday. I finally got his autograph on the football and baseball birth announcements. Talk about lucky timing! I will miss him. He's a great guy. He said Thursday he's going to throw back some beers and celebrate. I would to after 40 years of looking at women's hoo haws!

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Completed Final Project

This project didn't take as long as I thought it would! Yay it's done!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Final Project ll

Wow I got a lot done yesterday! Even with a surprise visit from the electrician...(boring story)
I finished painting the walls and cleaning the carpet!!
Now to move the toys in and craft the trees and hang up some learning tools.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Final Project

The plan was to move the boys to Sean's old room since it's a bigger room. They are so cramped in their little room. The boys' room would then become the guest bedroom. Well that has all changed. The boys are staying where they are but ALL the toys will be taken out of their room and put into the new playroom!! A guestroom would be a wasted room really. We don't get many overnight guests and when Sean does come home to visit we still have a bed in the garage that we can put on the floor in the playroom.
So before I go back to work August 18th I wanted to get this project started and finished. I started two days ago with priming and now have begun to paint the walls. Every wall will be a different vibrant color. It's going to end up looking like a little preschool I think. I have plans to craft some trees in all the corners too. I will probably get all the painting done tomorrow (I hope) and then move onto cleaning the carpet. (blah)
I have posted the before pics so everyone can see the transformation. We are keeping the blue already on one of the walls.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

New Beginnings

I wasn't looking to find a new daycare for the boys. I was never opposed to the idea of another one though. It's just hard to put trust in someone you don't know and the daycare that Gabriel has been going to since November was the same one a dear friend takes her kids to. It made it easier to trust them.

Now we will embark on a new trust. Gabriel will start Brown Bear's Learning Center, an in home daycare, on July 28th. Ben will start on August 18th when I go back to work. (yes, back to work!)

Angela is the provider and her home is VERY clean, fun things to do and see, a learning curriculum, only four other children and close to Gma's house. It's closer for us to get to as well. Not much but a little bit and easier to get to.

The price is a little higher but I think this is going to be a better fit for both of the boys. Angela also has a heart child. Her 14 year old had surgery 12 years ago. He had 3 holes in his heart and a valve that wasn't fully grown. Sound familiar???? He has never needed another surgery. I take comfort in having a provider that has some familiarity with CHD.

Gabriel will have some struggles at first since it's a new place but most of all there are no pacifiers allowed after your child has turned one year old! He needs to get rid of it already anyway but it is going to be hard because when he's tired he wants it...

The downside to switching daycares is having to tell Tiffany this week that we are leaving in two weeks. I hope I don't cry...

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Things are good on the homefront

Ben has been cleared for four months! No Cardiologist visits until then. He still has the leakage but it didn't get any worse. Maybe surgery will be years from now.
Good news!

Ben is sleeping through the night now and Gabriel still enjoys being naked. I think they are both coming down with a cold right now which is no fun. It will be Ben's first.

Gabriel enjoyed drinking from the hose the other evening. The downside was the amount of black ants that were on him and that he brought into the house! We didn't even know until we were laying on a blanket and they were crawling all over us!

Yesterday we had a play date with our friend's twn boys, Simon and Joseph. Gabriel had a blast!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hanging out

All of Ben's steri strip are gone now as you can see in the picture. I think that he gets pudgier everyday.

Gabriel has decided that being naked is the way to go, and the picture tells no lies! No accidents yet but I ask him if he has to potty quite often. No success in the potty chair yet either.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ah, how cute

Gabriel loves to lay next to Ben and he insists that they both have a blanket on even when it's 110 degrees today was. Blah.
We went to a potluck today with some new friends! It was nice. Hot outside though. It was a bit hard juggling both the kids with Gabriel being awakened from his nap to go. He was a little cranky. He was probably the most grump when he couldn't be naked in the kiddie pool. Haha.
It was nice to meet some new people. They are all from Another reason Gabriel was upset was on the drive over there because the hotess' house was so close to his daycare and he didn't know why we weren't going there!
After the potluck we stopped by Gma Peg, Goomba and Richard's house since Gabriel was calling out their names in the car as we drove away! (and calling for the dogs) Plus it was close by.
We stayed for about an hour and then came home.
Right now Ben is asleep and Gabriel and Sissy are playing hide and go seek. A game that Gabriel and she play quite often now. :)

Friday, June 6, 2008

THE Blow Out

So there I was...

Watching Chicken Little for the upteenth time with my toddler and baby. My toddler, Gabriel was enjoying some grapes and sitting in his chair enjoying the flick when all of a sudden a horrible sound came from my baby, Ben.


I felt what can only be described as a tire flattening on the highway on my leg. Followed by unbelievable warmth. Gabriel turned and gave me a look as if to say "What the he** was THAT? (I couldn't agree more) but I don't know if he thought it was me! At this point I was afraid to even move either myself or Ben. And then there was the odor... Who says breastmilk fed babies don't have stinky poop?!

Of course I had to move us eventually. Oh how I dreaded what I was about to see. Poo all up his back and out one leg (Dang you Pampers sample!!), on my shorts, soaked through to MY underwear and on my skin, and puddled on the reclining chair which I had the cover off in the wash so it's right on the fabric.

Now, what do I do first? What was the plan of action? Don't get me wrong, I have been through similar situations but not to this extent. Luckily Gabriel was occupied so I stood up praying for no loose particals or "juice" if you will would fall to the floor.

I took Ben to the changing table where luckily last nights bath towel still lay and placed him down. Standing next to him I shed my clothes, naked from the waist down. Quickly I took a baby wipe and cleaned up the biggest mess on myself to ensure no spills.

Now the baby... The onesie? How do I get it off and not spread this toxic spill onto his beautiful little smiling, yes smiling, face? It could not be saved. I'm telling you right now, the onesie had to go. I reached for a pair of scissors in the drawer and began to free him of this hideous outfit. There would not have been enough stain remover in the world to clean this thing so ruining it forever was easily done. The diaper remarkably was dry in the front. Who would have thought.

Where was I going to put this stuff? I can't walk away and leave him on the table? Where is my DH at times like this? I just had to leave it on the table for the time being. Oh, the amount of poo on this child still was amazing. How could he have that much? He had already pooped this morning? What on earth did I eat to cause this nightmare? So many unanswered questions...

Wipes. I'm glad I buy in bulk. I had to at least wipe off the majority of it before bathing him...otherwise he'd be swimming in poo and I'd be dealing with poo water! About 10 wipes later, no joke, he was ready to transport to the bath. We made it there without peeing and I put him in it and then poured the water in. Smiling and cooing he enjoyed the clean up and appeared to be thanking me...or mocking me, I don't know.

I washed him, dressed him, placed him in the swing, surveyed the damage to the chair, threw out the onesie and diaper and as I took a breath of relief my toddler who had been enjoying his movie the entire time thankfully turns to me laughing. Oh, I forgot I was half naked! He found it funny that I had no clothes on. Great for self esteem! But that was not why he was laughing... "Poo Poo?" he said. I said yes there was a lot of poo poo from the baby. But then he pointed to himself and said it again. "Poo Poo?" And then the smell hit me..._________________

Look at this full belly!!

Obviously he's eating well...

Thursday, June 5, 2008

My first born is leaving home! :(

Yes, the time has come for one of my kids to leave. Sean will be leaving to move up to Washington on June 14th. It won't be the same without him around here. Who will annoy Kirsten? Well, I guess Gabriel has to step up! We will miss him.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Ben is home and doing well!

Ben has been home from the hospital for a week and is doing great. Mild pain and eating like crazy!

He was such a good baby in the hospital. We are so thankful for everyone at Children's. They are amazing!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Pre-op this morning

This morning was Ben's pre-op appointment. Nate, Gma Peg and I took him and in all we were there 4 hours. He had blood drawn, a physical, a chest xray and an EKG. Can you believe our little boy now weighs 14 pounds 1 ounce? He gained nearly 2 pounds in three weeks. Go breastmilk! He is exactly two feet tall too. He was given a clean bill of health and the surgery is only 10 hours away.

We took a tour of the PICU and got to see the rooms and all of the equipment. It's hard to picture him hooked up to them and I know it will be tomorrow when we do. That moment scares me but I also know that I will want to see our strong boy as soon as we can.

It was comforting to hear from various people how healthy he looks for an infant with AVSD. It is great that his surgery is at Gma's hospital and so many people know about him!

We will be given pagers or get calls from the nurses I believe three times tomorrow with updates on how the surgery is going which will be nice. We plan to be there most likely all night. We cannot sleep in his room but can be in there all but between 7-9pm and 7-9am for shift change. Please understand that it will most likely be hard for us to talk to everyone tomorrow. I'm not sure that we will be making many, if any, phone calls. We will likely have someone else do that for us. We know that everyone is concerned and will want to know how it went and how he is doing but I have to think that the first 24 hours are a very private time for Nate, myself and Ben. I will also compose an update for someone to post since I'm unsure if I'll have computer access at the hospital. So please don't get angry if your calls/emails go unanswered throughout the day. We may find the strength ourselves to get in touch during the 7-9pm time but no promises.

Tonight at the house we had a Heavenly Blessing for Ben's surgery and for our family to have strength. We are so thankful to Jeff and Dean for that. It's wonderful to have so many caring people in our lives and Ben is very lucky to have all of the love and support.

It's time to give him his last bath and prep him for the morning. After he gets home he can only have sponge baths for awhile. He cannot have milk past 11:30 tonight and only sugar water before 3:30am with nothing past that time. Poor little guy will be starving I predict by 6am for some milk. I imagine there will be a lot of snorting going on!

Think wonderful thoughts tomorrow!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

2 more days until surgery

Wow, time sure has gone by fast. Tomorrow is Ben's Pre-op appointment. Good news that Daddy got that day off from work now too and will be going with us! We will be at the hospital for about 3-4 hours starting at 9:45am. Aunt Amber is going to stay with Gabriel at home until we get back.
Later in the evening we will be having a Heavenly Blessing for Ben. Family has been invited and the blessing will be given by Jeff and Dean from my work. I'm so happy they are coming over and have the time!