Friday, October 24, 2008

So Much Has Happened

Kirsten left on October 13th for her Dad's. It was so hard to see her go. We did enjoy a meal and some laughs before she had to board the plane though. I miss her. I miss Sean. Man they sure grew up fast.

Last weekend It's My Heart had a booth at the ZooBoo Friday and Saturday night. It was neat to see all the dressed up kids. The second night was much busier than the first night. Gabriel came out for a couple of hours and loved it! He has trick-or-treating down pat. Well, he doesn't say trick-or-treat but he always says thank you! He was dressed up as Frankenstein. So cute! Ben stayed at Mom's both nights and I'm sure got spoiled. :)

This week I wasn't feeling all that great for a couple of days including a headache last night and today. Feeling like I'm coming around though. Just sleepy.
Tomorrow I am throwing a fresnomommies Halloween party at Mom's clubhouse. It should be a big turnout! around 75 people is expected! Thank goodness it's a potluck. My friend Lisa and a co-worker and fellow Halloween finatic, Ricky, from work will both be helping decorate in the morning. The party is from 4-6pm. Gabriel is going to be Buzz Lightyear and Ben will be a dinosaur I think. (he has 3 outfits to choose from)

Sunday we go to Church in the morning and then the boys will go to Gma Peg's afterwards and nap. I will be going home and gathering some decorations and heading back to Church to help with the Harvest Festival. Lisa and I will be decorating the van with the theme "Spider's Lair". Gma Peg will bring the boys in the evening to the festival. They will be Frankenstein and Dracula. Too cute! I will wear a black gown and have spiders all over me I think. I'm also supposed to bring a cake for the cake walk. I haven't figured out when I'm going to get that made yet. Maybe Saturday night I'll bake it and Sunday morning I'll decorate it.
Busy Busy!

Ben had his Cardiologist appointment this past Tuesday and all is going good and he doesn't have to go back until he's 18 months old! Yay!!

Nate is doing good. He was kinda bored at work this week. He had to cover at the shop for a guy that went on vacation so he wasn't outside working. He was inside cleaning and organizing a warehouse! Now he has the boss there and the foreman at the job site fighting to each keep him!! Nate does great work and is so productive. He is doing so well. He is going to work at Whole Foods longer than we had hoped now though. At least through June. He was going to quit after Christmas but we will need the money since I need to send money up to Washington for Kirsten. And can you believe after 9 years our Landlord called yesterday and is going to raise the rent $125 per month starting in December?!?! Crazy timing. This house is still a steal though and we have no plans on leaving. Our Landlord was afraid we would move out but was happy to hear "no way!!"

And don't forget on October 28th Sean Jr turns 19 years old and on November 5th Kirsten turns 17 years old!! Crazy!!
Happy Birthday kids~ I love you

Friday, October 3, 2008

A lot will change

Kirsten has decided to move up to her dad's and will be leaving this month. No set date yet but it will be soon. She has already been pulled out of school here. I am sad but if it is going to make her happy then I will accept it. Right now though I am sad. When Sean left I was sad too but he is 18 and it's easier to accept. She's still 16 and I'm not done raising her yet! I will look forward to phone calls, emails and IM's.

Sean and I IM'd for an hour a week ago. It was nice. I enjoyed "talking" with him. He is maturing so much now. The past year he has changed really. Around Thanksgiving he is supposed to take the GED and in January start Junior College! He has decided that he wants to get into gaming and help create games. A friend of his Dad and Lori's is a game developer and has said that if he takes the related classes that he will get him in the door!!

Ben is now 7 months old and I just got his pictures done last week. We took quite a few poses with out a shirt to show off his scar! They are really cute.
Gabriel is learning so much at daycare and he loves going. Here is a link to the Learning Center's web site:
Angela posts a lot of pictures. Today they made their own pizzas and Gabriel was friend of the week so he got to share his favorite book, movie, music, toy and snack. He brought a Baby Einstein book, Toy Story 2, "Rocketship Run" CD, his Little Einstein's rocket ship, and for snack, grapes, cantelope and graham crackers. Yummy!

Nate is in Electrician school this week and actually just finished today. The other day he was proud since he scored the highest grades on the tests that they took not to mention he was the only one that completed all of his homework! He is doing great!

I am loving being back at work and have started planning for the company holiday party. I have a lot of HR things to take care of and I am nearly complete making a new handbook. We really need it!

And....halloween is coming!!!!!!!!!!!