Sunday, January 10, 2010

To Blog or Forget to Blog...

So I am realizing that it is hard to keep up with this blog! Perhaps if I wasn't on Facebook so much connecting with people, playing all the Zynga games and working, taking care of the family and It's My Heart I might do better at it. Ah, I know, it's Facebook's fault. It's so addicting!

Our family is doing well. The holidays were great and it feels like they are finally over. A few ornaments here and around the house from the kids taking them off the tree but mostly it is over.

Our Run/Walk is fast approaching which is both exciting and nerve racking. It is crunch time now but the registrants are starting to pick up. I hope that we get some sponsors soon! I am excited that Corrie and Lauren from National will be here for it.

We are getting over the stomach flu in our house and in good timing too since tomorrow the boys start a new daycare called The Learning Tree which is at Hope Lutheran Church. It is VERY close to home and work so that will be a nice change. I think it is going to be a great place for them. They teach sign language at every age and Spanish. Soon they will be talking to us and we will have NO idea what they are saying!!

Kirsten will be home for a couple of weeks next month. She will be here for Ben's 2nd birthday and the run/walk. We will also get to catch the new Johnny Depp movie before she leaves too!! Alice in Wonderland!! Plus she says she likes some sushi now so I know what our last night together will be!

Sean would like to come out for Spring Break so we are working on that plan right now. Sean is a full time college student now!

Nate is back working the Electrician job which is great. He is still at Whole Foods where he will continue to work at least until the summer.

My work is going good and I haven't had anymore surgeries so I haven't missed that much work!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

AHA Walk

Today we participated in the American Heart Association Walk. It was so warm today which made for a sweaty 2 mile walk! My knee held up although I am sore pretty much all over right now. I'm so out of shape...
For over 1 mile of the walk we carried Ben but then grabbed the stroller once we made it back around to where we had left it.
There were a lot of walkers and runners and we were a team of 11 for It's My Heart Fresno. At least now I have some idea of how a walk works and won't be completely in the dark for our walk in February.
I've decided it will only be a 1/4 mile walk...LOL!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Fun at the Coast

We had a fun time visiting Amber and family this past weekend. The boys are little beach bums!

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Well Target finally got the cape jammies back in!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Another Year

Ben has been cleared for another year with the Cardiologist! :) Of course he always says the same thing; that he will need surgery someday and to watch for signd of heart failure because there are no guarantees. His Mitral Valve leak is moderate which is the same as last year he said although it was referred to as mild last time so that part took me by surprise. Either way he is growing well, eating great and showing no signs of needing surgery right now!

My recovery has gone well from my surgery. Still a bit sore but really doing better than I expected. Word of advice to myself: Don't let Gabriel yank on your arm and start pulling you. Now my left side feels like something is pulling at times just like my right. Only worse...

My Dad came to visit a couple weeks ago and it was great to see him and Debbie. Although their visit was cut short when my Dad became ill and ended up in the hospital after they got home! He ended up needing his gall bladder removed!?!
He spent several days in the hospital and even had the thrill of having a drainage tube just like I did. What a copy cat!!!

I will post more...I just got word that a friend is coming over. Time to put on the fake house. ;)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Kirsten left to go back up to Washington so of course I had to take some more pictures of her! I really like this one. :)

Monday, July 27, 2009

My Poor Neglected Blog

I really should rename this blog to the title of this post. Once again a lot has happened but most recently I had surgery for a total hysterectomy with a free tummy tuck. I just had it done last Wednesday so I still slow going. This is a much bigger scar than with a C-Section that's for sure! I have stopped taking the narcotics because I just don't feel good on them. I have switched to a couple Tylenol every few hours instead. So far so good. It's a little harder to move around but it feels better. I am stil quite sleepy throughout the day. I am off work (again) until mid September with this surgery.

Kirsten is here for her summer visit. She arrived July 1st and leaves on August 11th. It is so good to see her. She is so beautiful. :) She spends most of her time on the computer. Luckily I have borrowed a laptop for my stay home! The boys love having her home just as we do.

Sean will be here a week after Kirsten goes home. I tried to have their visits overlap but Sean is not done with school until the week Kirsten goes back. My Dad will be here next week for a few days for a visit. He is in for the heat of Fresno!!

The boys are doing good and growing so fast. Ben has a Cardiology appt next month but is doing great right now. Nate is still working two jobs and can't wait to wean down to one. Maybe after the holidays...