Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy Bday Rahmi!

Wow our friend's son is already four years old!
Today we celebrated at Blackbeard's for his party. It's always a fun time. Gabriel loves going on the rides and one day Ben will too. Gabriel was disappointed that he couldn't go on the roller coaster again this year. Two more inches to go!
Happy Birthday Rahmi!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas 2008

How quickly it came and went! The boys got way too much stuff as expected. :)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Five More Days

Wow I can't believe how quick Christmas got here! All of our shopping is done. We are not getting too many gifts for everyone this year adult wise. I mailed off Sean and Kirsten's presents yesterday and they should get them by Wednesday. Just in time. Shew!
I'm going to try to start wrapping presents today. The boys' at least. I am still waiting on the calendars to come in for the Grandparents. Christmas Eve we are going to Amber's since she works all day on Chrsitmas. Peg works until the evening of the Eve. We will be staying at home that night to sleep. I can't wait to see Gabriel's face after Santa comes!
Daycare had their Christmas party yesterday and I hope Angela posts some pics. She had Santa there. Last week she had to Zoomobile come and Gabriel pet a snake and got to see a hedgehog, parrot, ferret, tarantula, centipede and some bones and antlers.
Now daycare is on vacation so Mom will be helping with the boys for a few days. I only work two days next week and three the week after. Woohoo!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Baby it's Cold Outside

Well, for Fresno that is! We are in for some rain the next couple of days and the snow level is supposed to be 1500 feet or below and lows of 30 degrees on Monday. Now I know there are other parts of the country that would laugh at that but for us it's cold! At least it makes it seem like Christmas is coming.
I received my Walmart giftcards from work the other night at the company holiday party and yesterday bought Gabriel's/Ben's gifts. We are very tight on money. More so than expected. Nate and I are not getting each other anything at all this year and everyone else is getting a small gift or just a calendar of pictures of our family. I think I'll pull off some tins of treats since I am taking off Christmas Eve now. Daycare is closed that day (for two weeks actually) so I'll see what I can accomplish home with the boys!
I have a few items to send up to Sean and Kirsten and I wish we had more. I hope they understand. I'm sure they will get good gifts up there. I sure miss them and can't believe we won't be seeing them at all for the Holidays.
We had our work party the other night and once again I pick one of, if not THE crappiest white elephant gift. I got big undies and a santa hat. I give up. Maybe I won't even bring a gift next year. The meal was great and I think it was a hit. The raffle always is. I didn't win anything this year. Last year I did. They played a great slideshow of Jeff's life in pictures. Made me cry. I miss him.
Nate was in school this week with the Electrician's program and finished his first semester with a 93%!! Yay! Second highest in the class. Now he starts homework for the next semester. It never ends for five years. He doesn't get paid while at school so that is another contributing factor to the low Xmas funds. If he didn't have the other job at Whole Foods he would be able to get unemployment. They didn't even schedule him at the store at all during the week. Ugh. On the plus side it's nice to have him home! :)
I feel proud today because I helped It's My Heart connect with a woman in Columbus Ohio and she is starting a chapter there! I met her online and asked if she would be interested and today Corrie announced it's official!
Peg starts a new position at Children's hospital next month as a case manager and she will be sharing an office with Tim, the Social Worker for the Cardiology department!! How greatis that? He is who we give all of the comfort bags and care packages to.
We started selling coupon books and they are wonderful. Great deals and our chapter keeps 40% of the sales. We also finally received the SaveMart SHARES cards and I have handed out 70 of them already! Everytime you shop and swipe the card our chapter gets 3% of the sale. It's an ongoing fundraiser and I have already ordered 200 more cards. I didn't expect to hand out so many so soon!!
Earlier this month we walked Christmas Tree Lane as we do every year now and Gabriel just loved it. Gpa Gabe even went and took the scooter. He was so tickled that Gabriel held his hand while walking. We have since driven it too. Gabriel just loves lights. In fact tonight on our way home from visiting Gpa we drove around looking at houses for nearly an hour.
I hope everyone i having a safe month and plans for a relaxing holiday. Until next time...