Monday, September 15, 2008

Our Visitor!!!

Sean came home to visit! He got here Sunday evening and will be here until Wednesday afternoon. He has requested his favorite meal for dinner so we bought everything to make it tomorrow: meatloaf, parmesan pasta, garlic bread and Gma's salad. Mmmm yum.
He's just hanging out since everybody works or goes to school. Gabe and Ben are sick so I am staying home with them tomorrow so inbetween the snot wiping and hacking (poor little guys) Sean and I can hang out together. He is doing good and likes it up in Washington. He's gained a little weight too!!! It's good to see him!
I managed to get a pic of him and Ben together tonight. You know how Sean hates pictures...

Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Bday and the Fever

My birthday was a quiet one which is really what I wanted. I worked that day but Gabriel was running a fever so he stayed at Gma Peg's house while Ben went to daycare. The boys stayed until Nate picked them up around 5:00pm. Peg came to my work and brought me flowers, a card and a monetary gift! Lisa at work got me a card and this drink mix just because she knew that I would love the bottle. It has a skull and crossbones on the back and "blood" dripping from the cap. The liquid is red and I proudly have it on my desk along with the flowers. :)
When I got home Kirsten had made me caramel walnut brownies and my Mom brought over an ice cream cake! The picture above is Kirsten's "Top Chef" presentation of the brownie. What a great job! She also got me a Fresno State Bulldogs Tshirt. Mom and Gma and Gpa gave me money too. I'm up to 37 dollars from Gma and Gpa! lol
Nate also told me that I get to spend some money for Halloween stuff. My favorite thing to get for my bday!! He also bought us Speedy Zapatos. Mmmmm...
I rented some movies and watched Baby Mama that night before retiring to bed. It was a good bday!
Sadly though we are ALL sick in the house now...

Monday, September 8, 2008

To Be Young Again

I'm going to be 37 tomorrow. What in the world? Mentally I'm 16 but physically I'm 60 years old or more...
Birthdays are more fun when it's someone else's!

It has been awhile seen my last post. I am back to work and Carol the office manager had her last day this past Friday. Happy retirement to her! It feels good to be back and have a desk too! I was floating for awhile and sort of took over Dean's desk. It's hard to get my brain working with numbers again after so long away. :)

Ben is 17 pounds now and eating constantly. He might have a tapeworm...just kidding.
Gabriel is sick again and Kirsten is happy to get some internet time.

My friend Lisa and I started going to church! Yes me! And I am willingly going. And so far I really like it!! Crazy I know. I look forward to each service. We took our kids this past weekend and they had a blast playing with the other kids. Clovis Hills church is very modern and laid back which is why I think it fits for us. You can dress casual and drink your coffee during service. The Pastor has a wonderful way of explaining things so everyone understands. I am not familiar with the bible or how to read and understand it at all so he makes it fun. Hey, they have a rockin' band too! We are going to try to attend a bible study too. I can't believe how much I am into it. It is truly amazing.

I've posted some recent pics of the family and one of the yard sale to raise money for IMH Fresno. We'll be having another one sometime this month after it cools down. We have a ton of stuff leftover and this past Saturday we raised over $300!!

OOOhh...Halloween is getting closer!!! I am throwing a kids party through a group I'm in called on Oct 25th. It should be a blast! Of course I can't bring 75% of my stuff since it would scare them but it will still be a great time. ;)