Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Another Year

Ben has been cleared for another year with the Cardiologist! :) Of course he always says the same thing; that he will need surgery someday and to watch for signd of heart failure because there are no guarantees. His Mitral Valve leak is moderate which is the same as last year he said although it was referred to as mild last time so that part took me by surprise. Either way he is growing well, eating great and showing no signs of needing surgery right now!

My recovery has gone well from my surgery. Still a bit sore but really doing better than I expected. Word of advice to myself: Don't let Gabriel yank on your arm and start pulling you. Now my left side feels like something is pulling at times just like my right. Only worse...

My Dad came to visit a couple weeks ago and it was great to see him and Debbie. Although their visit was cut short when my Dad became ill and ended up in the hospital after they got home! He ended up needing his gall bladder removed!?!
He spent several days in the hospital and even had the thrill of having a drainage tube just like I did. What a copy cat!!!

I will post more...I just got word that a friend is coming over. Time to put on the fake house. ;)

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